Our Style
Fidelity has a single philosophy: creating valid products both in terms of design and technology. This has brought RHO company, established in Brianza, an area with a rich furniture making tradition, to significant levels of prestige and quality. The company has more than thirty years of experience in the furniture field as a producer of armchairs and sofas. And now it comes with the ‘New Classics’ and ‘Country’ collections: these lines combine originality of style and the convenience of removable covers with the accurate work of master artisans and specialized upholsterers. Always aiming at perfection in details, which represents the main feature of the RHO style and the extra-value it can offer.

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Rho's Factory 1912-1913

New Classic
Value, pleasure, tradition, image… Rho’s New Classics: these words really mean what they say. These sofas and armchairs, which will be the actual protagonists of your home, have that ‘extra something’ going right to the heart: any forms and styles of comfort interpreted with subtle elegance, sophistication and sense of art.

Atmosphere is something undefined. At times, however, it can be so intensely present that you can almost touch it and feel it. The great versatility of removable covers, coordinated with curtains, table habillées and pillows, responds to that concept of home design which allows you to create very personalized spaces.

Rho Carlo di Rho Bruno & C. s.n.c. - Viale Repubblica 3 - 22060 Cabiate (CO)