Technical features and materials

The structures of the sofas and armchairs are made only of hard wood, assembled by means of traditional jointing techniques. The lower part of the seat features helical steel springs or a high-resistant elastic-band suspension system. The padded elements, frames and arm rests, are fitted with polyurethane foam layers of different thickness. The cushions of the backrests and seats can be made of washed and sterilized goose feathers or non-deforming foam covered with dacron, pre-padded with cotton or made of goose feathers with a supporting structure of foam.

All the models of the RHO collection are available as convertible single or double beds, with beech staves. A wide assortment of fabrics satisfies the most demanding needs, including machine-washable printed fabrics for removable covers, damasks, brocades, ribbed imberline fabrics coordinated in various ways, silks and velvets. For each fabric a variety of stylish braids is available: cords, bows, bands and multi-colored fringes applied with great care and meticulous attention to detail.


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